Are You An Addict? 

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Be Honest … Because If You Can Answer ‘YES’ To This Question Then You Can Also Use This Insanely Simple Strategy To Create Levels Of Success Most People Only Dream About.

What I’m going to reveal in this article has the power to totally flip your addictions around by utilising the chemical reactions that occur in your brain as highly effective tools to harness incredible levels of productivity and personal success!

Addicted to alcohol man drinking alone at the bar

True story … I was once seriously addicted to recreational drugs and alcohol, and I used this exact strategy to create incredible levels of success in health and fitness and in my profession.

Trust me, from the bottom of my heart, this really works!

In this article I will:

  • Discuss how humans evolved to secrete the hormones that propelled our evolution
  • Uncover why the very same hormones might be destroying your health and productivity
  • Teach you how to get ahead by using those hormones as tools for insane levels of success
  • Provide a step-by-step strategy that will have addictions working for you instead of against you

Addiction is without doubt the biggest issue that plagues modern day health and yet, as a collective we know so little about them. Most of the time we go about our daily lives totally oblivious to our destructive and often life threatening addictions.

In most cases, they completely sabotage our ability to remain healthy and achieve the levels of professional success we aspire to.

But did you know those same chemical reactions occurring in your brain that cause

x-ray image of human head with brain and electric pulses

addiction can be harnessed and used to your advantage, as highly effective tools that will lead to insane levels of success!

This is serious, I’m not messing around here!

I’ve personally been to the deepest and darkest places of drug abuse, friends passing from it and almost losing my own life at 22 years old.

Whatever you want to achieve in life, no matter how far off the path you are currently, it can be turned around and focussed into an abundance of positive energy.

It’s well documented that many of the most successful people in history have suffered from severe drug, alcohol or sex addiction prior to achieving their success.

Would you like to know how I made the changes, or how success is achieved on all levels – period?

Hopefully you answered yes to that question.

Before we go there, you need to understand why humans become addicts and what role addiction played in our evolution?

After suffering from abusive behaviour and chronic depression for 30 years of my life I invested heavily into finding out why I was programmed this way.

What I found is actually extremely surprising and very cool!

How Humans Evolved To Secrete Hormones That Propelled Our Evolution

Many years ago, we humans evolved to rely on certain hormones to ensure our survival.

Human evolution

We needed them to motivate us to hunt and gather food. In addition, we needed them to encourage us to band together, forming tribes, which increased our chances of survival.

Believe it or not, we weren’t always on top of the food chain!

But because of a few powerful hormones, we developed strength in numbers. Thanks to these few feats of human evolution we are one of the first species to band together, forming powerful collectives, which helped to dramatically increase our life expectancy and accelerate our evolution far beyond any other animal.

By learning to work together, we became more productive and more powerful.

Back in paleolithic times we needed motivation to hunt and gather food. Waiting until we were hungry would have meant certain starvation. Considering that there was no supermarket, butcher, or corner store to grab a bite to eat we needed to be prepared.

If you were a paleolithic man you had to scavenge for your food and often that took days.

But without feeling any sense of achievement or reward, there was no reason to search for food until you were feeling hungry enough.

That’s a problem …

In the dangerous paleolithic times success was never certain, and there was a huge probability that you might return empty handed. Waking the next day with no food in your belly your energy would have been extremely low and you’re brain would no longer function properly.

Without your heightened senses and impaired judgement plus, extremely low energy, your risk of being hunted by other animals or injured is dramatically increased.

This scenario would have been disastrous for your chances of survival.

To help overcome this dangers of starvation humans evolved to produce a powerful hormone called dopamine. Dopamine is why we feel a sense of reward and it was extremely addictive.

After the evolution of dopamine we felt good after achieving levels of success in critical daily tasks like hunting, or gathering food.

Even the association of possible success would stimulate small doses of dopamine which would motivate us to work.

We quickly grew extremely fond of it’s intoxicating sensation. We learned to crave it and we needed it every day!

Releasing in small doses into your body immediately as you set off to hunt, and flooding through your veins every time you found or killed an animal for food.

There’s now reason to hunt. In the face of failure or success, hunting doesn’t just lead to the reward of a full belly; just the action of hunting itself feels good! In fact, due to the powerfully addictive dopamine response, it’s become the highlight of your day, and you’re an addict.

The production and secretion of dopamine drives you up out of your safety every morning to set out scavenging for food long before feeling hungry. Now you’re not only looking to satisfy your satiety levels, you’re craving the next injection of powerful and highly addictive hormone!

But motivation to hunt and gather food for yourself wasn’t enough to make survival a certainty back in the perilous sabertooth tiger days.

We needed to develop super human strength, the strength of a hundred men.

Although this would be a great story to write about, unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. We did learn to achieve the levels of strength beyond personal capacity tho.

We formed tribes.Gente de la Edad de Hielo

Leveraging the benefit of the love hormone oxytocin we developed strength in numbers.

Unlike dopamine, oxytocin is not addictive and takes time to accumulate and affect our behaviour. But when it does, we feel incredible.

Oxytocin is the social hormone!

Oxytocin is released when we interact with people we like or love. Huge amounts of oxytocin are released into a woman’s body when she gives birth, causing her to feel intense love and an immediate bond to her newborn baby.

Oxytocin is also essential for the baby, they also get a hit of oxytocin in response to their mother’s love and affection. In fact, oxytocin is essential for the baby because it triggers their immune system.

It’s so important in fact that without it, we would die!

Research has proven that when newborn babies are removed from their mothers at birth and not given the care and love they need they fail the thrive and eventually die.

Adults also need oxytocin and this is why we evolved to form tribes. The biggest dose of oxytocin is released when we experience physical touch with someone we love or care about. When you hug someone for a little longer than usual you remain in the embrace because you’re experiencing the powerful effects of oxytocin.

And it’s good for you!

Just like the baby, oxytocin stimulates your immune system. It makes you stronger and less susceptible to disease!

The combination of oxytocin and dopamine is euphoric!

It’s better than anything we had felt before. Providing food for your tribe, bringing a kill back to your cave and feeding a hundred people, you’re injected with huge amounts of both the social hormone, oxytocin as your tribe congratulates you, and your family embraces you with love, plus the additional dopamine rush from the excitement and reward from your success.

These powerful hormonal responses were the reason we started to gather in herds and tribes and work together more productively.

And as the tribes grew we also grew stronger. We became healthier and less susceptible to illness and disease.

So you can see that these hormones were essential to us, and they still are.

Why The Very Same Hormones Might Be Destroying Your Productivity


The big problem is that we’ve become desensitised to dopamine and we need more frequent and larger doses.Young man clenching his teeth, pulling his hair, suffering from stress

Like a drug addict needs to use more frequently, we’ve become totally addicted to regular hits of dopamine.

This is because our modern lifestyles are filled with constant reward. This has caused massive overproduction of dopamine and we’ve become more and more resistant to it. Now we seek much stronger doses to feel the same level of reward.

The kind of doses released when we drink alcohol, use recreational drugs or eat highly processed junk food.

This is a big problem!

Overconsumption of food, particularly the foods that don’t have much quality nutrients in them such as processed savoury snacks, fast foods and sugary sweets will have quite severe implications to your health.

Everybody knows that recreational drugs are addictive, but not many people realize that those same destructive and unhealthy addictions can be triggered from unhealthy food.

Especially processed and refined sugar.

As we become more and more health conscious, and we learn more about how these hormones affect the body, we are starting to understand that we can become addicted to almost anything that triggers the reward hormone dopamine.

The hormones that we relied so heavily on to for our survival may have become the reason for our demise!

If we don’t learn to overcome or reign in and control our dopamine dependency we will continue to fall victim to disease and poor health.

How To Get Ahead By Using Your Hormones As Tools For Insane Levels OfSuccess

But this isn’t all bad news!

Just as the hormone dopInside the brain. Concept of neurons and nervous system.amine can be so bad for our health if we become addicted to drugs, alcohol or unhealthy junk food, we can also flip it around and use it the way nature intended.

By overcoming addictions we can harness the power of dopamine and use it as a trigger for reward when you do something truly rewarding.

By learning to channel your focus and energy into the things that actually propel you forwards in life closer to your goals to will train your body to seek reward from healthy, successful behaviour again.

The key is not to try to abolish addictions or addictive behaviour. The key is to instead learn to use them productively.

Remember, this isn’t a new concept. The ultra healthy, rich and famous have been doing this for hundreds of years. These people are no different from you, they’re often the people who suffered horrible addiction throughout their lives.

Consider the many insanely famous and talented rock stars that die from drug overdose.

Or consider the workaholic tech industry legends like Steve Jobs who sacrificed family and friendship for success.

These were normal people, born at the right time, with a little of the right support, who learned to channel their personal addiction into something that drove them forwards in life.

I’m not saying that you’ll beat addiction by using my strategy. I’m suggesting that you don’t even try to, instead you flip the addictive behavior into something more worthwhile!

It worked for me.

My Simple Step-By-Step Strategy That You Can Use To Have Addictions Working For You Instead Of Against You

Now let’s break the process down. Remember, like anything worthwhile this will take practice and some time to master. We’re attempting to change human behaviour, and human behaviour is the hardest thing to change.

These six steps will help drive you to harness the power of addiction and drive you towards success in your life. This has worked incredibly well for me and my team.

  1. Design your dream lifestyle
  2. Set your goals high (BHAG)
  3. Design a rock solid plan
  4. Employ a coach or mentor
  5. Invest in personal development
  6. Find your ideal tribe

1. Design Your Dream Lifestyle

Step one in harnessing the power of addiction and turning it into success is to ‘design your dream lifestyle’ because you don’t know what to do until you know where your heading.

Setting goals (step 2) is extremely difficult if you don’t really know what you want life to look like. I started by writing a short essay about how my life would look if I had achieved everything I ever wanted in my life.

I then elaborated on it in detail, what time I wake up in the morning, what my house and wife were like, did I spend time with my kids before work, do I even need to work at all etc.

Don’t hold back, you must write as tho you’re writing a script to the movie of your future life.

2. Set Your Goals High (BHAG)

If you set yourself big enough goals you’ll achieve great things. This is how I think, shoot for the stars and at least you’ll hit the move if you fall short. Verne Harnish, author of the best selling books ‘Mastering The Rockefeller Habits and ‘Scaling Up’ calls it our big hairy audacious goal (BHAG). Your BHAG should scare you a little. If it doesn’t, chances are you’re not thinking big enough.

Pro tip … think 5 or 10 years, not 1 or 2. Toyotas BHAG spans 100 years!

3. Design A Rock Solid Plan

Once you’ve established your BHAG you need to set your intentions by planning your success. This is referred to as your Vision. Sometimes it’s easiest to reverse engineer from your goals.

This is when things get fun, because every step of the way, every inch you get closer to achieving them, your body will begin to release dopamine. Just like the paleolithic hunter, you’ll begin to form an addiction for progress towards your goals.

You’ll become addicted to your success. I believe, this is how you overcome addiction. You don’t kill the addiction, instead you simply replace them for something worthwhile!

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”
– Zig Ziglar

4. Employ A Coach Or Mentor

Employing a coach who will help to keep you accountable and mentor you through the challenges you face is incredibly powerful. Over the years I have invested hundreds of thousands in business and health coaching. Yes, even tho I’m a personal trainer I’ve employed trainers for myself!

The reality is that there will always be things you don’t know and should. By teaming up with people who know more than you you will fast track your success.

5. Invest In Personal Development

If I could pinpoint the one thing I’ve done that had the biggest impact on my success it would be step 4, hire a coach. But if you asked me what the one thing was that my best coach did to help me, it’s to convince me that I didn’t know everything and needed to invest in my own personal development.

FACT: your level of success will be in direct alignment with your level of personal development.

6. Find Your Ideal Tribe

During your journey you will face adversity. You will fail at things you feel are extremely important and often you will feel like giving up on your dreams. Failure is an integral part of the recipe for success. It’s inevitable and it’s important because it’s those failures along the way that teach you what you need to succeed.

What will make them easier to bare is if you have others around you who experience the same feeling and support you. This is very important because having the right people in your corner will lift you up, closer to your goals, but having the wrong people in your corner, negative people who see the glass as half empty all the time will have the opposite effect on you.

Pro tip … If you are trying to build a successful business, surround yourself with successful business people. If it’s financial success you seek, then find financially successful people to socialise with!

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