Is Running A Personal Training Business Meant To Be Complicated?

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It Definitely Doesn’t Need To Be – It Should Actually Be Quite Simple …

So why the HELL do fitness business software apps take so bloody long to implement into your business and learn how to use?

In this blog I’m going to show you exactly how I took my little sole trader personal training business to over 6 figures in annual revenue and a profitable gym.

Most software applications I’ve tried in my business over the last 12 years seem to try so hard to do EVERYTHING!

Here’s the problem with that strategy …

Every feature takes more time to learn, and another role in your business to maintain.

It’s true. It sounds exciting at first, the company sells it to you like it’s revolutionary, it’s going to be a game changer for your PT business.

But 6 months into using the software you have hardly touched the revolutionary features promised to you.


You’ve been scammed!

It’s cost you money … Heaps of it.

Let me explain …

As a personal trainer, your time is money right? Trust me, I know, I’ve been a PT since 2004. Every time I’ve tried a new software application that’s made huge promises to save me time with a million great looking features I’ve had to spend more money trying to get my head around them.

It’s total BS … Don’t fall for it.

These companies have made a mockery of the personal training industry by making it complex.

When it’s actually quite simple.

It’s actually essential to your long term business success that you abolish complex and keep it simple!

In this short video I share exactly how keeping it simple made my business skyrocket to over 6 figures per year and an extremely profitable gym in the heart of North Sydney, where rent its over $500 per square meter!

If you’re interested to find out more, check out Linkfit here:

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